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The winner of the iPad is:
Marla Drury

The winners of the AMEX Gift Certificates are:
Judith Sheft
John Palinkas
Victor Cardona

The DaVinciTek Gear Winners are:

Adam Houhoulis Elizabeth Stacy Atchley Michael Gallo
Aiden Colie Eloise Carol Michael McCann
Alan Galuska Esther Surden Michael O’Hara
Andrew Hamilton Fred Amicucci Michelle Lederman
Andrew Tooker Gene Spadaccini Neal Stanton
Anton Alzein George Annen Obrien Arthur
Atiq Hashmi George McKevitt Olga Kim-Toporsky
Bill Saks Gurpreet Singh Pat O’Neill
Bin Johnson Harrison Weinerman Paul Gallico
Bob Bales Ira Berkowitz Paul Hejnas
Brian Crawford Jameson Moran Paul T. Miller
Brian Mecca Jenifer Grant Pete Cafarchio
Brian Yost Jenifer Grant Pete Graziano
Bruce Skoletsky Jim Bums Peter Slomkowski
Carl Gambello Joe Sinzer Ralph Tamlyn
Charlie Mantione John Canavari Ramani Jeyaraman
Chris Fraher John Erickson Raymond Kerollis
Christina Diana John Palinkas Rick Carney
Chuck DiPietro Joseph F Miceli Jr Robert Barnacle
Ciro Lala Judith Sheft Robert Masin
Cornie Ward Keith Wilson Rosemarie Galli
Cory Bruscia Kendra Von Achen Sasa Milanovic
Dan Sheaffer Kimberly Amicucci Shawn Eadens
Darren Yablonski Leland Bartlett Todd Christenson
Dave Landau Leo Mennitt Umut Bitlisli
David A. Rosen lzay Ramos-Irizarry Utpal Dholakiya
David Jenkins Mark Castellano Valerie Powers
David Tittensor Mark Goebel Vickie Lent Ames
David Z. Cantu Mark Millen Victor W. Cardona
Dennis Bone Mark Sefaradi Vidhya Yadav
Domenic Cutillo Mark Williams Walter Schoenknecht
Don Scobell Marla Drury Will Lassalle
Donald Harris Matthew Hostetler
Eileen Bartell Matthew Lombardi

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