January 23, 2014 by Anthony Curlo
I am pleased to announce our “Winter Giveaway Contest” enabling our clients, prospects, candidates, vendors, partners, friends and family to participate in a chance to win prizes (IPAD, $100 AMEX GIFT CARDS AND DAVINCITEK GEAR) by “liking” us on Facebook and “following” us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social Recruiting is a contested term. It is a concept at the intersection of Recruitment and the embryonic field of social media. There are several terms used interchangeably including social hiring, social recruitment and social media recruitment. By running this contest those that participate will benefit by connecting to DaVinciTek to receive advice and tips from recruiting experts. DaVinciTek also shares technology news, instant job postings, networking events and other opportunities.

Social Networks are HUGE. With Facebook > 1B, Twitter 550M and LinkedIn 225M and growing. DaVinciTek is poised to service Fortune 500 and emerging corporations. In fact, a recent survey conducted by more than 350 hiring employers and 2,000 job seekers suggests an extremely positive outlook for the social recruiting industry. Consider these facts:

  • 1 in 3 job seekers are using social media as their PRIMARY tool for job searching
  •  50% of job seekers spend more than 6 HOURS per week using social media to find jobs
  •  Of the companies adopting Social Recruiting 72% use social media to advertise their jobs and are reaping the benefits
  • 59% of companies say it produces MORE APPLICATIONS
  • 50% say it produces MORE REFERRALS
  • Can we expect more growth? 3X as many companies are allocating over 10% of hiring budgets to Social Recruiting
  • 2 out of 3 companies will expand their Social Recruiting initiatives in 2014

It’s clear- Social Recruiting has arrived!

The point of social media is to leave trails for people to stumble upon, or better yet, actively find while searching. The point of social media recruitment is to use social media to recruit – the web has really helped us to attract and engage with talent.

Part of DaVinciTek’s social media web strategy includes:

  • Marketing events online through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Liking others’ posts –simple but effective
  • Commenting on Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups, and blogs
  • Replying to posts, especially calls for comment or input—yes, people do want to hear your thoughts
  • Retweeting and sharing others’ posts

None of the above take much thought, so there’s no excuse for not doing these things.

  • Write some blogs and try to get them published where you want to recruit
  • Run regular polls; encourage others get involved in things that you (and they) believe in
  • Host Google+ hangouts or Twitter Tweetups/Chats centered around topics relevant to your mission or message
  • Build some Pinterest boards to demonstrate your offerings, approach, and culture
  • Start discussions in LinkedIn groups and other online forums for discussion

The first step is connecting with DaVinciTek on our social media platforms. The “Winter Giveaway Contest” is happening now through March 4, 2014. Click here for contest details and active links to our social media platforms. I look forward to “Connecting” with you!

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