September 26, 2014 by Anthony Curlo

DaVinciTek is proud to recommend an exciting new Intel Web Show, developed and hosted by one of our partners, Charles Araujo. Charles is the founder of the IT Transformation Institute and author of the popular The Quantum Age of IT: Why Everything You Know About IT is About to Change, and will now help viewers successfully navigate the future of a rapidly changing IT landscape on his Transform IT show, presented by the Intel IT Center.

Inspired by countless conversations with innovative executives, leaders and futurists after publishing his book, Charles Araujo is thrilled to share the stories of these influential figures with a broader audience. Each week, Charles will welcome a progressive IT leader to the show to share his or her story and offer valuable guidance and mentorship to the Transform IT show audience. Gain insight into the future of the IT industry and learn what other innovative thinkers are doing right now to shake things up. The Transform IT show’s first episode features Ray Noonan, CEO of New Zealand-based company, Cogent, who provides an in-depth look at the integral function of collaboration as a business model for the workplace. We hope you’ll join Charles for each episode of the Transform IT show, participate in accompanying live Twitter chats, and take action to become a future IT leader of impact.

Be sure to visit Charles Araujo’s blog and video about his new Intel Web Show, found here.

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