March 14, 2013 by Jeff Rothstein

  • Research the job and the company
  • Know the name of the person you are speaking to
  • Practice behavioral interview techniques
  • Give a firm handshake
  • Be well groomed.
  • Don’t smoke before the interview
  • Be personable
  • Speak honestly.
  • Ask questions
  • Prepare questions
  • Speak clearly
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Talk about your relevant achievements
  • Be punctual
  • Don’t compromise your values

So DaVinciTek has done their job and you have the interview booked. What now? How do you impress at the interview? Three things can help you achieve this result: Preparation, Presentation and Performance.


This is the key to doing well at the interview. You need to research the company that you want to work for. Research the company on the Internet. Read or skim the annual report and any other information that you can find. Understanding the structure of the organization can often help you to know where the position fits in to the broader scheme of things. Get to know the key positions and the names of people in them.

If you know people working for the company, talk to them about the company and their experiences. Use any contacts that you may have. It is important to go into the interview fully conversant with the company’s product, its values and business culture. Use your research to differentiate yourself from the other job applicants. Show that you are inquisitive. Ask intelligent questions to explore information about the company. This can help “˜sell you into the role’ and gives you a chance to find out more about the role and to make sure that this really is the job you want.
Anthony Curlo, President & CEO of DaVinciTek suggests “that you need to be on time, know the process, prepare for the questions you want to ask, have a firm handshake and be confident. Even if you don’t get the job, going for an interview can be a valuable learning experience.”


It’s crucial that you come across as personable and dynamic. It’s okay if you’re nervous but don’t focus on your nervousness. Rather, communicate through the nerves so that you still give a sense of what you’re like as a person. Employers want to know who you are, just as much as they want to know your skills.

If you can develop a rapport with the interviewer(s), you automatically stand out from the crowd.
Looking good is also part of the process. You need to dress appropriately and be well groomed. Wear simple, tailored work clothes. Make sure your hair is washed and neat. Men should be shaved or neatly groomed. Woman should be conscious of the amount of makeup and perfume they wear. Do not smoke before the interview. If you eat first, check your teeth in the mirror. Be aware of body posture and your voice. Sit comfortably, but do not slouch. Speak clearly. Make eye contact. Smile, relax, and breathe!

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