By: Charles Araujo

What does the future hold for IT professionals? For the oblivious, it is business as usual. Sure, there’s a lot of talk about change, but there’s always talk about the latest new thing in IT. This is just more of the same. I am guessing that you are not one of these people. If you are reading this report, there is a really good chance that you understand that some fundamental change is afoot in the IT industry. In fact, I believe that we are in the midst of the biggest change that our industry has ever known. And the forces at play will shift the very foundations of how IT organizations are organized, operated and staffed. If you are an IT professional, this should be very important to you. Because the skills that have gotten you this far in your career not only will not be enough as we move into this new era of IT, but they may well be your undoing.
Read the full text of The Three Secret Skills of Next Generation IT.

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