June 12, 2014
It kills me to have to write this. As a young sales professional, I was trained on how to use the Telephone. I have instructed hundreds of professionals on the power of the Telephone in business communications….or the Cell Phone….that wonderful instrument that connects people when a face to face engagement might not always be feasible. Email, Messaging, Blogging and Social Media all have a legitimate place in our hyper-connected world, but not at the expense of the Phone.

In researching for third party content on the proper use of the Phone, I was startled to see the various sources of advice limited to the Phone Interview. While the Phone Interview is certainly in vogue and a sound strategy employed by our best clients, I am talking more simply about the Phone “connection”. In other words, when in doubt: pick up the Phone and call. Your voice sets you apart, whether you reach the person live or not. A voice mail, when brief and delivered with purpose, is a smart way to promote your “brand” to others. I will follow up on this blog in the days and weeks to come. But for now, trust me Job Seeker, I prefer a phone call rather than an email.

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