February 23, 2014 by Jessica Lala
It’s a question any company has to ask: should they source their own resources or look to outside firms to meet their employment needs? Though there are drawbacks and benefits to each, utilizing staffing firms to fill positions is an efficient, time-saving way to ensure you will have the proper resources to meet your company’s staffing requirements.

Since corporate recruiting is usually considered an HR function, sourcing top-notch talent can sometimes take a backseat to everyday human resource tasks. The result is positions remain open, or the wrong person is brought in to fill the position. Either way, that is a cost to the company, whether in the work being insufficient, or not completed to the hiring managers satisfaction.

On the flip side, a staffing firm’s only function is to provide the right talent to fill their client’s needs. Any firm worth it’s salt will be sure to send in their executive sales team to meet with the hiring manager and work with them, assessing the project and needs, and bring them quality resources . They then can take that knowledge and bring A-players to the table to satisfy the needs (and a top notch company only works with the best talent!) Because of this, and the relationship established, hiring managers can rest-assured that using an outside company for their employment needs will result in less turnover and more output on their projects.

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