April 15, 2014 by Jessica Lala
If you’ve read the DaVinciTek blogs before, there’s no doubt you now know the importance of social media. An accurate LinkedIn page with multiple connections and an interest in your field is as important as your resume. But what about the dark side of social media? It has been reported more and more lately that potential employers are requesting access to Facebook, Instagram, etc. As the “saying” goes, “once it’s out there, it’s out there forever.

Whatever you post, even if it is personal and protected, has the potential of being viewed by someone who is considering hiring you. Google your name – see what comes up. I am fortunate to have gone through my adolescence in a time before everyone had a camera phone, but what about the “millennials”? Do you want the CIO of a company your interviewing with to see not-so-flattering photos of you and make a snap judgment.

Here are some numbers to think about:
89% of companies use Social Media as a recruiting tool:
86% on LinkedIn
60% Facebook
50% Twitter
1 out of 5 potential employers use social media to research candidates.
1 out of 3 employers rejected a candidate based on something they found out online.

For those who like to share every aspect of your life with the Twitterverse – beware. A deletion is never really a deletion, and search engines are forever.

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