April 25, 2013 by Anthony Curlo

With so many methods of finding the cream of the crop for executive recruiting, how do recruiters and managers know if they are hiring the very best candidates for the job?
These days, if you are anything short of clairvoyant, the ability to sift through the clutter to find the diamonds in the rough, in regards to “A” players, may leave a lot of room for interpretation and trepidation. A mis-hire could mean an excessive waste of time and money that can negatively impact a recruiter’s reputation and a company’s bottom line. Building equity within an organization starts with making the right investment in human capital, and this is where implementing a valid, accurate assessment approach from the very beginning is imperative.
So what exactly is “topgrading?” The concept is creating a tailored interview process that provides the best quality candidates using testing that assesses a myriad of qualities, including personality, cognitive ability, work skills, etc. The results from the topgrading method might look very different depending on the company, its needs and the industry. A qualified recruitment firm is able to identify “A” level executives to fill any position level, as well as discerning potential within a candidate for leadership skills need to motivate others upward. The idea behind topgrading is using information to create a strategic plan of action in order to build a top talent-producing organization.
Don’t leave the future success of your company to chance! As a leader in IT recruiting and staff augmentation, DaVinciTek assures that every candidate has gone through the rigorous interview process and background check and has been proven to be the best of the best–an “A” player and team leader. A With the principles of topgrading as a core value, DavinciTek will collaborate with you to create a competitive advantage, saving you time and money and giving you overall peace of mind.

Have you experienced miss-hires in the past? How do you attempt to safeguard against it?

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