November 6, 2013 by Tony Coscia

We all know that the job market has become increasingly competitive. Interviews are hard to come by and you only get one chance to make an impression. Unfortunately the most knowledgeable candidate doesn’t always get the job. Often the best interviewee does. Successful interviews start with preparation. You need to treat the interview like an exam. First, you need to know the subject inside-out. This should be easy because this knowledge is what earned you the interview. You have already convinced the client you know your stuff. But the client wants to know that you can help them and their business. Prove it by becoming familiar with their company. Take time to learn their history, mission, recent financial data and any current news items. Also know the management structure. Then apply this knowledge when answering questions. Also, prepare for common interview questions. Visit web sites that cover the “top interview questions”. Practice your answers until you are thoroughly convincing. Have someone else critique your responses. Finally, be specific in all answers. If you defining a process use real-world examples. For example don’t say “I created the requirements document” rather say “our requirements document contained the following sections with these specific questions…”. By being detailed you show your expertise. Be careful not to be too detailed. Provide just enough info to convince without showing off. Finally, be eager and interested in solving their problems. If they believe you can help them then the job is yours.

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