Mamta-Thakkar-headshotNovember 30, 2015 by Mamta Thakkar

With the many years that I have spent in Recruiting for my client as a Corporate Recruiter, the following are 2 simple key elements that I would not forget while doing my job. Our Clients are definitely the most important factor and we know it, but it’s wrong to treat a candidate just like a piece of paper that either converts into a closure or is trashed.
1. By staying engaged with the best performers in the industry, your company can make quick hiring decisions because your top recruits are not just strangers and your Client is going to appreciate that. They have become your acquaintances who you’ve already assessed are competent and would make a great fit. Relationship recruiting not only cuts your sourcing time, but it also increases your odds of selecting a candidate who will excel at any organization.
2. Building trust with your candidates is critical to convincing them your Clients company is the best fit. Whether you choose to send out regular emails, call candidates or connect in person, it’s important to build up the relationship. Make sure you stay timely. Set aside allotted time each day, week or month to catch up with your potential candidates. Also, always remember to share your newest job openings to the respective candidates. If they reach out to you, be quick to respond. It’s vital that they always feels valued.

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