April 15, 2013 by Jessica Lala

When you are looking for suitable candidates for a position, you are often competing against other recruiters for the same pool of talent. It often happens that you will contact a potential candidate and they have already spoken to another recruiter and have been submitted to the position. For some, that would be the end of the conversation. For me, I take it as; this is the strongest candidate for this job, so I want to make myself known and available to the resource. I like to build a relationship with someone who is technically qualified on paper, and then spend some time talking to them to see how they would act in a work environment. Even if I can’t submit them for the job I wanted, chances are my client will have additional requirements in the future that the candidate can fit. Taking the time to speak to someone when the end result isn’t necessarily to submit them shows them that I am willing to work with them, to help them. It makes them remember you. This can be beneficial for future assignments and can make them willing to work with you.

This has benefited me in the past because not all recruiters/agencies take the time to build talent pools; relying on one and done submission. In taking this approach, I have worked with the same candidates over several years and clients. It has also been the case where, if the candidate finds them in a hiring capacity, they have reached out to me and given my agency the opportunity to staff the positions. Developing a strong relationship with top candidates is beneficial to the client, candidate and agency.

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