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Why is working with a DaVinciTek recruiter better than applying to jobs myself?
For a number of reasons. We often have opportunities that you won’t find elsewhere thanks to preferred relationships with clients. We also have a deep understanding of open positions and can match you with jobs that best suit your qualifications and lifestyle. Finally, when we submit a resume on your behalf, you can be sure that you’ll receive a response—something that’s never guaranteed when you submit alone.
What type of job can I expect to find with DaVinciTek?
We place candidates in IT and information management positions across a range of industries. Our clients offer direct hire, contract-to-hire and contract positions to consider.
Do you specialize in a certain geographic area?
No. We have clients from coast to coast.
I'd like to use DaVinciTek as a job search resource. How do I begin?
Please visit our job seeker page to browse available positions and submit your resume. After you submit your resume, you’ll be contacted by one of our recruiters for the next steps.
Will I have to pay a fee to use DaVinciTek's placement services?
No! There are never any fees for IT professionals seeking work.
What type of companies are clients of DaVinciTek?
Our clients run the gamut of industries and including anything from emerging corporations to Fortune 500 companies.
How can I make sure I'm considered for the best opportunities that match my qualifications?
Be sure to build a relationship with your recruiter. Give them honest, detailed information about your work history, education and any other skills or qualifications that would make you a fit for certain positions. Keep your resume updated with newly acquired skills and experiences too, especially if you’re a contract professional.
How long does the placement process take?
Placement is totally dependent on a client’s needs and job specifications. Due to so many variables, DaVinciTek is unable to estimate or guarantee placement within any certain time period.
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