March 4, 2014 by Andrea Giordano
When is the last time you endorsed someone for being great at their profession? Referrals are like a boomerang affect. It seems as I continually support my colleagues in their endeavors it comes back to me tenfold. Reviews, references and those endorsements from LinkedIn say everyone consistently supports your work efforts and you are very good at what your do for a living.

Sometimes in social networking just sharing how wonderful a colleague is while in the field, also goes a long way. Spreading good feedback increases your own value, just as spreading bad feedback has a way of devaluing those who share these views.

Trying to share an attribute about whoever is being discussed goes a lot further than sharing any type of criticism no matter how true. Best to be vague if you have nothing positive to add.

Good impressions come from those who share good feedback and that goes a long way in business and in life.

At DaVinciTek we check professional references, references on LinkedIn and references of shared connections. It is imperative we place professionals who are consistently acknowledged for superior work ethic and solid business relationships.

We grow businesses through great referrals with exceptional professional experience.

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