March 18, 2014 by Tony Coscia
I recently came across an article by Dr. John Sullivan an internationally renowned Talent Management thought leader. In “Recruiting Explained by the Numbers” Sullivan breaks down several employment roadblocks with empirical data. Knowing this information and how to use it can drastically improve your chances. Here are the numbers:

250 – The number of resumes received for every job opening
200 – The number of seconds it takes for the first resumes to be received
430,000 – The number of resumes posted to Monster each day
1,000 – The number of people who see a an on-line job post
200 – The number of people who will start the application process
100 – The number of people who will complete the application
75 – The number of resumes that will be screened out by the recruiter
6 – The number of seconds a recruiter reviews a resume
4-6 – The number of applicants that will get an interview
61 – The percentage of recruiters who dismiss a resume due to typos
43 – The percentage of hiring managers who dismiss a resume due to typos
76 – The percentage of times a resume is dismissed due to an unprofessional email address
50 – The percentage of applicants unqualified for a job
60 – The number of seconds an applicant reviews a job description

Now that you know the numbers you can take action to improve your chances. Obviously you need to determine if you are qualified – read the job description thoroughly. Get the recruiters attention by customizing your resume with relevant keywords. Format your resume so that recruiters can quickly scan your job history (job titles, company names, education, dates, keywords, etc.). Eliminate all typos and errors. To summarize competition is fierce between qualified candidates; don’t get eliminated by avoidable mistakes.

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