Headshot_Walter-ColganOctober 8, 2015 by Chris Coscia

I wasn’t sure how my skills were going to transfer to recruiting. As an NYU graduate with a degree in Political Science, I didn’t see how the skills I had developed and the knowledge I had accrued over the prior four years was directly applicable to this field. In particular, I was concerned about developing competency within Information Technology- I am burning a candle on both ends, learning to be both a professional recruiter and an individual who can identify talented individuals in IT disciplines.

Yet the demands of IT recruiting are far closer to those I have unwittingly developed over the past half-decade. My ignorance of Information Technology proved to be a foundation, not a stumbling block. Because I was unencumbered with misperceptions and half-truths, I have been able to investigate my candidates’ experiences in a manner similar to how I would conduct research as an undergraduate. The skills I had learned were applicable in both areas of my life- professional and academic- a lesson I will be sure to apply to challenges in the future as well.

I am still learning the complex puzzle of IT recruiting- identifying clients’ real needs, supporting A-player candidates as they traverse the interview process, sourcing excellent talent, and communicating as a cohesive team with my peers. However, even after a matter of weeks, I feel more confident in the process, and see the vital connections between recruiting and other aspects of life.

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