VP of Customer Experience

The VP of Customer Experience is responsible for providing overall strategic direction, leadership, and management of a business’ specialty customer service teams. Day-to-day duties include ensuring customer focus and productivity is consistent with company guidelines and goals, as well as developing new policies and procedures while strengthening existing ones. The VP of Customer Experience is also expected to participate on committees, which focus on marketing, finance, and final product to drive overall business results. The VP of Customer Experience must also identify new value-added activities, which drive member loyalty and/or lower costs. Furthermore, the right candidate will demonstrate concern for satisfying one’s external and/or internal customers.

VP-of-customer-exOther duties include driving customer success outcomes, defining and optimizing the customer lifecycle, managing customer experience activities, measuring effectiveness of customer experience, enhancing effectiveness and efficiency through technology, and inspiring customer success throughout the company. Technology priorities for this the VP of Customer Experience include BI/analytics, cloud, mobile, digital marketing, infrastructure and data center, ERP, security, industry-specific applications, CRM, and data communications. A Bachelor’s Degree is required and an MBA is preferred, along with significant amount of experience – approximately 10 – 15 years’ within the customer experience industry.

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