Software Engineer

The Software Engineer is a role that typically requires experience in both Linux and Windows-based operating systems. Candidates are usually experienced in Interface Definition Languages, Python, Oracle PL/SQL, EDI, ASP.NET, C++ and others, along with XML/XSD Schema. The role allows the individual to be involved in every aspect of the development process of the software. Thus critical things skills are needed to ensure software is developed in ways that create optimal business value, this is the ultimate goal. Continuous evaluation of this objective is necessary. The analysis, design, production, support, and testing phases are all integral aspects of this process for the software engineer. The application of the systems development and engineering will be dependent on the industry the company is in and the area of focus for the position. Internal software applications or product development can be the driving for the software development. Both avenues bring forth their own set of challenges and opportunities unique to the specific application of the technology.

Software EngineerLike other similar positions, the Software Engineer is part of a team and communication skills are an important skill in this workflow. Contributions on how the systems and software being developed are impacting the creating of business value and how that impacts brand are expected.

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