Senior Network Engineer

The position of Sr. Network Engineer is generally one that requires experience in several areas, including Networking, Telephony, Lab Maintenance, Internal Systems, Asset Management, and similar related skills. Having the capability to provide maintenance in any or all of these professions is also a generally expected quality. Any individual seeking to work in this position should also have worked as a standard level Network Engineer with a significant amount of experience, generally varying between 5 to 10 years depending on the company’s specific regulations. Being a Sr. Network Engineer also means exhibiting a paramount ability in several professional qualities. As a leadership position, the occupation demands the ability to generate enthusiasm among coworkers, handle abrupt or subtle change, and put the skills of subordinates to the best use.

Senior Network EngineerThe Sr. Network Engineer typically works under the direction of the Project Manager of network engineering, who will provide tasks for planning and designing network infrastructure. This occupation also requires a talent for efficient troubleshooting, the dexterity required for installing technology, providing multiple levels of support. Ensuring testing activities schedules are properly followed is likewise integral to improve network safety and security.

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