Mobile Developer

Mobile Developers continue to be in demand with the growth of mobile systems applications. Like many in the IT space, this position can be within many different industries and can be applied to different types of system and platform development. The candidate will have experience in the Android and iOS Mobile operating systems, Objective C, C++, and other languages. Test Driven Development is a methodology that will often be used in the position and it will be an advantage to have experience in this process. The candidate will also have experience working with DRM framework and its relevant application. Strong problem solving skills are developed and tested in this position as new ways for the mobile integration discovered and applied in a fast-paced environment. The candidates must be able to understand where their development value fits into the overall business value provided by the company. A sound understanding of the contributions their development has on internal IT investment or the external company offering is an advantage.

Mobile DeveloperDesign and analysis skillsets will be an asset in this role and projects will span product development as well as internal mobile applications. The Mobile Developer will be working as part of a team and strong communication and collaboration skills will be expected.

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