IT Project Manager

IT Program Managers are the central leader and accountable party for a given technology initiative or project that the company is implementing. The position will require leadership and communication skills as the candidate will be coordinating team members and their related contributions to the overall project focus. The Program Managers will be tasked with identifying solutions and building their internal coalition, lead their team, to develop relationships and guide action in implementation. The Project or Program Manager will be responsible for establishing objectives, and in many cases, will be developing strategy to reach those project objectives. A deep understanding of the relationship between the different IT investments the company holds and their impact on the new program will be vital as well as the recognition of the value creation of each. Managing this ecosystem will include planning and execution as they are large parts of the coordination whether on a systems upgrade, new platform development, or other similar initiative. The IT Project Manager will develop planning, implementation, reporting, monitoring, and evaluation processes that will be shared with directors and Information Technology management.

IT Project ManagerThe IT Project Manager will have IT Financial skills and be a strong written and verbal communicator communicating within the group they are leading and to management on project status. Risk will be identified and managed through experience in facilitating complex workflows with multiple stake holders.

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