IT Management

IT Management positions are inherently leadership-driven roles that guide the overall direction of a company’s IT operations and value creation, often both internally and externally. IT Management usually encompasses the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and other associated Director or Manager positions. The management of IT at a company will be impacted by many different aspects of the IT function and equally, the business and financial operations. It is the job of IT Management to oversee the financial viability of IT investments and the creation of necessary business value, while leading within to continuously strive for greater efficiency.

IT ManagementProven experience leading and building relationships will be equally as important as technical experience with applications, systems, and software as IT Management will manage the IT ecosystem and all the relevant inputs. In this process, management will be an advocate for solution creation and build the needed relationships with all relevant stakeholders both inside and out of the organization to ensure the various facets of IT are working efficiently together. IT management will also need to understand how their work impacts the projected image of the organization, or its brand, and how their operations deliver on that brand.

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