IT Director and Manager

The IT Director/Manager is part of the IT Management as the role focuses on being a lead in Technology operations and ensuring that the executive vision is being implemented throughout all of the technology operations. The Director must understand the relationship between all technology stakeholders and have a clear of understanding of IT policies and how to enact corporate IT strategy with various teams under their guidance. The role requires coordination between departments particularly that of finance as IT financial management skills will be paramount in all decision-making. The ability to coordinate business processes will be essential as they will be assisting the CTO/CIO in managing the technology ecosystem of the company. This includes oversight of all IT investments but with attention paid to operational considerations such as equipment and hiring decisions. The goal will be to utilize resources effectively to maximize business value creation.

IT DirectorThe IT Director will have a high degree of expertise across technical platforms and applications, with a proven track record in information architecture and enterprise design functions as well as other technology environments. Experience leading complex projects while building positive relationships will be required. Analytical skills and the ability to communicate complex information effectively will be central to the role, leading teams in a hand-on manner and collaborating across departments and among management. A bachelor’s degree or higher is required and usually over 10 years of experience in the IT space, with years of project management is a necessity.

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