The Engineer is a position that can be found in the IT industry, representing the collection of people who have dedicated their time to cultivating a deep and thorough understanding of technology. The title of Engineer generally implies that the employee has a great deal of understanding and comprehension in how the objects or procedures in their field are constructed. They are required to have an in depth awareness not only of each separate part of their system of focus, but also how each piece works together to create a functioning system or network. Candidates are usually expected to have a college education minimum in their specific field, as well as certifications to prove they have taken the time to develop an unrivaled grasp on software, hardware, and networks. Whether you intend to work on programs or systems, as an Engineer you will frequently be called upon to write, build, fix, or upgrade your subject of interest.

EngineerEngineers are expected to maintain a deep interest in their subject, as they will be the first person others turn to when something new or different arrives. Part of the “early adopter” crowd, an Engineer utilizes his time wisely and knows how to work with several people from various different groups to help put a project together efficiently. Needed to help determine the schedule of a project from the start, forward thinking and a calculative mind are also absolute must for the Engineer.

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