Director of Marketing

The Director of Marketing develops marketing strategy by tracking changes in supply and demand, studying economic indicators, monitoring competition, and identifying customers and future trends. Other duties include identifying long-term and short-term problems that need to be addressed and recommending options and courses of actions. They Director of Marketing will also direct promotional support while also maintaining relations with customers by organizing programs, conventions, meetings, trade associations, and more. Present and future products will be influenced by the Director Marketing by analyzing data and statistics. He or she will also be expected to work closely with product management team to define marketing materials and programs. Other duties include:

  • Provide marketing information by answering questions and requests
  • Maintain research database
  • Prepare an annual budget
  • Maintain marketing staff by recruiting and training employees
  • Completes marketing department operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees

DirectorofMarketingFurthermore, skills and experience needed also include client relationships, entrepreneurial mindset, coaching, managing process, leadership, marketing planning and research, financial planning, and strategy. A Bachelors or Master’s degree in Marketing is required. Technology priorities for this position include BI/analytics, cloud, mobile, digital marketing, infrastructure and data center, ERP, security, industry-specific applications, CRM, and data communications.

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