Data Quality Analyst

The Data Quality Analyst works in conjunction with other data specialists to analyze various forms of data for business decisions. The candidate will utilize existing data gathering and evaluation tools while also informing the design and testing of new platforms. Data Quality Analysts are needed across different industries from financial service to retail, and technology development. Constant assessment of data quality as well as methods for gathering and aggregation will be a priority. Critical thinking and analysis skills will be a priority through the data management process but also in understanding where data assessment fits into the technology ecosystem of the company. An understanding of data structure and data flow improvements will also be expected.

Data Quality AnalystStatistical analyses will be a large aspect of the data assessment and experience in statistics software and associated programs will be a requirement including, SAS, Spotfire Data Flux, Adaptive, SQL, as well as database platforms and presentation programs such as Word, Excel, Access, and power Point for reporting purposes. The operations of the data quality Analyst will be integral to the learning and disciplined organization that will respond quickly to market shifts and trends that their data teams track and report. Candidates will have a bachelor’s degree or higher and experience in data-driven positions in the past. The ability to communicate reporting data and findings will be a necessary aspect of the role. The assurance of data integrity will greatly impact the relationship between the data, the conclusions made, and business value impact.

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