Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer is responsible for technological duties associated with cloud computing, including planning, designing, maintenance, management, and support. The ideal candidate will have at least three to five years’ experience with cloud services with a background in building or designing web services on the cloud. Such services include software development, open source technology, system engineering, multiple cloud provider environments, and scripting languages.

cloud-engineerThe cloud engineer should have at least a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, engineering or another related field The right candidate should also have experience with various programming languages including Python, Java, and Ruby. Experience in OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, Linxus, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, Docker, and Google compute engine may also be required. APIs, automation, orchestration, automation, and databases such as NoSQL are also important. Other technology priorities for this position include BI/analytics, cloud, mobile, digital marketing, infrastructure and data center, ERP, security, industry-specific applications, CRM, and data communications.

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