Chief Information Officer & Chief Technology Officer

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) fulfil a vital role in the organization. This individual is the leader of the technological operations of the company and oversees the impact that it has on the business as a whole. The central goal of the CTO/CIO is to ensure that the information technology facet of the company is positively contributing to the creation of business value. This value is centered with external value for customers and internal value creating efficient systems that support the necessary business functions.

Chief Information OfficerThe CTOs/CTOs position is needed in organizations across industries and sectors. They require a high degree of IT financial management skills, as well as critical thinking, innovation, and communication skills. This role demands a balance of technical understanding and proven ability to inspire relationships and lead the creation of solutions that improve value. Financial impact of each technology investment must be assessed against value created and this candidate must be able to make complicated decisions impacting all stakeholders. This role manages the entire technology ecosystem in the company and must understand how the companies brand is positively reinforced through its operations.

As a member of the executive team, the Chief Technology Officer works closely with the CEO and team to ensure the technological operations are in alignment with company mission and goals. Effective communication and the ability to achieve buy-in for technology and information architecture decisions are vital. Although this role is focused on leading and building effective relationships with all relevant stakeholders, a high degree of expertise is required across technical applications and systems in order to make effective decisions.

The Chief Information Officer must understand information architecture, development, production, infrastructure and testing across various applications, program and languages. These type of platforms will vary depending on industry, but the CTO/CIO can expect to have an understanding of concepts and operations like the following (PHP, Python, PHP, CSS, Ruby, HTML5, jQuery, Java, JavScript frameworks, SSO, SAML, BPM, Mobile with iOS and Android, various databases and rapid development tools, as well of CRM platforms and Point-Of-Sale systems if relevant. An understanding of Apache, Linux, MySQL). These officers will typically have years of experience leading in the technology space and will have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related business or technology field.

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