Business Intelligence Analyst

The Business Intelligence Analyst is at the center of the intersection between IT operations, IT financial investment, and business value creation. As the goal is to collect, manage, and assess large amounts of data in order to identify trends and formulate conclusions that focus on reducing cost and maximizing value creation, varied skillsets are required.
The role is focused on gathering data both internally and externally to assess the viability of the IT operations in a company and offer proactive recommendations for adjustment. The candidate must have experience working with large data sets as the Business Intelligence Analyst will combine internal IT data with industry and competitor data sets to extract meaningful trends that can inform corporate action.

Business Intelligence AnalystThe Business Intelligence Analyst will cultivate and maintain data connections, utilize BI tools such as SQL, Qlikview, and Tableau, as well as leverage business dashboards. The ability to quickly learn processes with these tools and critically assess data using them will be imperative. Proven IT Financial Management skills will be central for the analyst as well as critical thinking skills as they must assess the implications of the data they are managing. Communication skills are central to the ability to effectively package analyses and transfer knowledge for effective decision making. Quantitative reasoning and data mining are expected technical skills. Bachelor’s or master’s degrees in various applied business fields or information technology.

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