Business Analyst

njheroBusiness Analysts in the IT space have responsibilities with wide-ranging implications. The position focuses on coordinating data rooted in the technology systems of the company. These data or software systems can be connected to the internal functions of the business or the external processes that can be client or product-focused. The Business Analyst leverages these systems and internal resources to deliver business value for company growth. Specifically, the position focuses on defining data-driven problems and establishing strategy for solutions using a range of methods, analyses, and modeling. This technology position has planning and monitoring responsibilities and may overlap with coordination between operations, marketing, finance, and product development, among other areas of the business. Collaboration with stakeholders in these positions will be required as they will be an integral part of the learning organization, consistently evaluating and moving forward.

Business AnalystIT financial management skills will be critical in this role, as the Business Analyst will be continuously evaluated the IT relationships and processes to ensure the positive value creation for the business operations individually and as a whole. Critical thinking and analysis skills will be a large part of this process assessing advantages and disadvantages of each particular IT component. Verbal communication and management skills are a clear focus and the Business Analyst will have experience in technical writing. Graphic representations of data will be a component of the position workload.

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