November 8, 2013 by Gregg Ruoti
Most professionals agree the résumé has its origins as far back as B.C. from the Latin curriculum vitae, translated “course of life”. It goes without saying that we all update our résumés if we’re serious about pursuing a new career opportunity, be it contract or full time employment. This is a worldwide accepted practice that we do even if we never print it out and it remains a digital copy for distribution. We have been doing this for generations and we will likely continue this practice because this is what clients expect. But in addition to the résumé, clients are now expecting something else. If you haven’t done so already and you want to be taken seriously by potential hiring entities that don’t know you (or for that matter, peers in your industry), you must incorporate creating your LinkedIn profile into a mandatory part of your career search, just as you do updating your résumé.

In 2011 Forbes reported that more than 90% of the hiring managers who responded to a Microsoft Research survey admitted to scouring social networking accounts to screen job applicants. We would venture to say that today it is closer to 100%.

Now armed with the assumption & knowledge that there is a certainty that a potential employer is going to view your LinkedIn profile BEFORE they decide to interview you, you must honestly ask yourself some questions:

A) Is my profile going to assure that I get the interview? Even a Maybe, you have work to do.

B) Will my LinkedIn page give the perception I don’t take my career seriously enough to make my public profile impressive? Yes or Maybe, you have work to do.

From our standpoint as a Strategic Staffing firm, it is disappointing when we engage a candidate for our clients that we perceived as an “˜A’ player, only to see their LinkedIn page does not enforce that. If we feel the letdown, so will our clients. It a disconnect you don’t want to happen.

Going forward, even if you are not actively looking, integrate building a stellar, professional LinkedIn page into your career search. It’s what ALL clients expect.

Feel free to contact me at if you want us to review your LinkedIn page and offer helpful suggestions. We’ll be glad to help!

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