November 4, 2013 by Jessica Lala
In an ever changing job market where the talent pool is becoming much more competitive, one of the ways potential candidates can stand out is by knowing the company they are interviewing with. Any recruiter, or any person who has interviewed, will tell you that not knowing about your potential future employer can be a sure-fire way to drop your name to the bottom of the list. At a time when there is more information available to us then anytime before, job-seekers only have to pull out their smart phone and within seconds have a wealth of information that shows the company that they are serious about becoming a part of their organization. You should research their current projects or initiatives, even what their charitable contributions may be. There could be something in your background that can be vital to the company and could put you ahead of the rest.

And it doesn’t have to stop there – with LinkedIn, company blogs and even Google, you can view the background of the person you will actually be interviewing with. Being informed about that person’s career (and possible shared connections) can be what sets you apart from other applicants.

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