June 20, 2014 by Andrea Giordano

LinkedIn is the best way to connect and locate recruiters and hiring managers for positions at emerging and Fortune 1000 companies. LinkedIn is like being invited to the largest corporate party and networking event. If you are not using LinkedIn to learn who is connected at the best companies, and what groups are having events you are missing out on a lot of great opportunities. Sharing great opportunities with others also creates value on the site.

I use LinkedIn to check on candidates and company professionals that I work with and learn about their background. I use LinkedIn to see the latest hiring trends in the industry and about what people are passionate about. In addition, it is a good way to check references and to see what people are saying about those I am connecting with.

Many people use only the basics with LinkedIn, but there is much more to be accomplished by setting up your profile to get noticed. A picture is very helpful and many only include pictures when they connect. In my opinion, if you are seeking employment including your picture is an advantage.

Asking colleagues to write references also bolsters confidence when people are assessing your skills against a competitor. If you use LinkedIn a little, or use it a lot, it is good to have whoever is viewing your profile see all your great attributes, and what others are saying about you. There is no way of knowing where your next great sale or professional opportunity is going to come from so it is a really forward-thinking idea to have your profile as up-to-date and professional as possible.

We all like to connect with people we know or are affiliated with, the world gets smaller by each connection we make, so caring for your profile is a win-win.

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