December 10,2013 by Gregg Ruoti
There are many reasons to use a properly vetted recruiting firm for your next professional move. I can think of many, but feedback from thousands of candidates in my career has provided me with a few reasons that across the board, they found to be of the greatest value in their search process. I will just address one of those important items here.

If the recruiting firm you have engaged with for your search has done their diligence in understanding the client company, its people and their specific need, they will be able to work with you to flesh-out what is most relevant about your whole experience (life & professional) that will enable you to prepare for a much better interview.

It’s important for me to work with you to piece together your projects and technology that are most analogous to the role that you would be interviewing for. But I don’t stop there. If you & I can find anything that is in common with the people you will be speaking with, I will prepare you to discuss that in the interview as well. This can include the same alma maters, interests/hobbies, former employers, the list is endless.

By making sure you bring up these similar experiences in detail with the interviewer, you will stand out from the crowd and make them want to learn more about you. Isn’t that you want?

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