March 29, 2013 by Alina Myronova

For anyone who wants to be successful in recruitment, keep in mind…

A lot of recruiters are misled by the thought that the recruitment lifecycle is about looking for qualified candidates and matching them to the open job orders. Though finding the right candidate is important, the process usually starts with a GOOD job requisition. And success in filing the job mostly depends on the quality with which the job description has been taken. First of all, as a recruiter you need to be sure that the job is fillable. It is always great news when a new requisition comes across your desk and you have something new to work on. But before jumping with joy, spinning your wheels and putting in extra hours, you need to take a step back and ask the client some very important questions. It is crucial to take charge of the process and filter ¾ of the jobs which are not fillable. Now these are basic questions, but by not asking these “obvious” questions, you risk working on the positions which will never close.

The two most important questions for a recruiter to ask the client is how urgent the position is and if the client is really interested in hiring. Once these questions are answered, you can qualify and assess the urgency and the scope of the job order. Being a professional recruiter, your time is valuable. You need to work on the real jobs and well qualified orders to increase the closing ratio and, of course, some luck is always needed in our industry!

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