Danielle-Jones_Headshot_3July 20, 2015 by Danielle Jones

In today’s society, we live in a world of first impressions. Social Media has allowed us to capture a glimpse of someone’s personality and interests through a Tweet about that great Thai place you tried with friends, or an Instagram post of you with your dog for the umpteenth time. Before even sharing a conversation, a future employer, colleague or friend, can see what is most important to someone and develop a perception based on what one portrays through social profiles.

As a first time recruiter, these are some of the things I am invested in knowing about my candidates. I am interested that your fiancé has just accepted a position in Georgia and ideally, you are seeking an opportunity that allows for an easy commute to and from. I am invested in understanding how your next career move will ultimately affect who your daughter’s 5th Grade Teacher will be if you must relocate, or how long you are willing to commute for an opportunity that may turn out to be a milestone in your career. I want to understand not only what motivates you, but most importantly, what type of journey you are on that has shaped you to become the accomplished person you are today. My primary goal is to help you to prepare for your next professional venture. To identify these underlying motivators through first impressions is an added bonus, because it helps me to shape the conversation and have a better understanding of what point in your life and professional career you are in.

DaVinciTek embodies what I believe to be true about recruiting as a first-timer in the industry. We are in the business of building and fostering networks and relationships to help people to reach the goals they want to achieve and establish their careers. Our candidates are equal business partners in the process of fulfilling roles as we continue to identify opportunities in the market to create and build more positive first impressions. It is not simply about making a placement, shaking hands and parting ways. It is about following through from the initial conversation and the initial interview. Flash forward a year later to meeting your success story over a cup of coffee to ensure your candidate is still accelerating in their new role. This is the business we are in. First impressions always last.

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