June 10, 2014 by Jessica Lala
Regardless of what industry you work in, developing relationships is essential to ensure that your workplace environment is as amicable as possible. On average, you will spend a 3rd of your life at work, shouldn’t you enjoy it? As someone who has spent her career in staff augmentation, I work with people who can change their company every 6 or even 3 months, beginning in a completely new environment. Here are a couple of tips to make the transition as easy as possible:

Get to know your coworkers: seems like a no brainer, but learning about the people who you sit near and making nice makes for a smooth working environment.

Offer Your Assistance: Just because you’re the new kid on the block doesn’t mean you can’t offer help or advice on a pre-existing project shows that you’re a team player and willing to go beyond what your role may be.

Learn the culture: Every company is different. Try to pick up from your coworkers what is expected of you and adapt. If the department does monthly potluck birthday breakfast, ask if they need someone to bring the OJ.

Commiserate, don’t criticize: Unless this is your first job, everyone has had to deal with some workplace issue. It’s okay to share your experience, as long as you are not speaking in a negative light. If someone is having a bad day, show them you get it, and help them get around it.

Whether you are starting at a new company, or just moving to a new location or division of your current one, be friendly and open with your coworkers. You can spend more time with them then with anyone else in your life, so following these steps can make it so every day at work it a good one. And happy employees make for a productive work environment.


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