September 30, 2014 by Anthony Curlo

There are “make or break” moments in almost every career. Particularly for those at the managerial level, complex decisions about essential operations can confront managers with polarizing options for success or failure. How can you ensure your next sink or swim experience leaves you ready to tackle the next wave of adversity? Our friend and partner John Palinkas shares his own story of a profound experience in which he faced a choice between creating a career moment, or facing career suicide.

John Palinkas is a partner of the innovative  IT Transformation Institute and has dedicated over thirty years to a career in the IT Services Industry. With extensive experience in a wide range of IT sectors, from outsourcing analysis to M&A integrations, John speaks of his own career moment from a place of deep understanding. In his article, “A Career Moment or Career Suicide?”, originally published in CIO Insight, John explains how his courageous reaction to a crisis while Recruitment and Staffing Manager at AT&T opened doors for a positive career moment, and helped him realize the three necessary components to acting with managerial courage. As John concludes, there are far too many instances where action could and should be taken by managers, but which instead go unnoticed or overlooked out of fear.  If we want to be effective leaders, as John argues, we need to take courageous action on a daily basis.

Read John’s article in full here to learn more about his experience and why you too, should exercise managerial courage.

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