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The Smoke and Mirrors of Job Titles

Danielle-Jones_Headshot_3August 20, 2015 by Danielle Jones

Let’s face it, I’m not an expert in information technology. I don’t write code, I can’t architect a cloud-based software application or administer an Oracle Database. Although I would love to add all of …

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5 Characteristics of Great Leaders

Joseph-picAugust 13, 2015 by Joseph Amador

We all have seen the “5 Characteristics of Great Leaders” posted all over the social networking sites, but what is seldom missing in the literature is a review that provides a deep dive into …

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First Impressions

Danielle-Jones_Headshot_3July 20, 2015 by Danielle Jones

In today’s society, we live in a world of first impressions. Social Media has allowed us to capture a glimpse of someone’s personality and interests through a Tweet about that great Thai place you …

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Joseph-picJuly 8, 2015 by Joseph Amador

LEADERSHIP. What is it? How is it defined? Who determines the definition of what a leader is?  Over the past 17 years working in the staffing industry within global firms, I have come to …

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Secret Skills for the 21st Century

July 7, 2015

For professionals to excel in today’s services economy, it can boil down to a model where perfect practice makes perfect.  According to Charles Araujo, the author of The Quantum Age of IT, the future of “information management …

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DaVinciTek Partner Mark Sander on CIO Cybersecurity

DaVinciTekJuly 6, 2015 by DaVinciTek

DaVinciTek partner Mark Sander discusses the need for CIO cybersecurity solutions, published on CIO.com. In his article, Sander explores the complexities of IT security, the most effective role for a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), …

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The Rise of Social Media’s Role in Recruiting

Headshot_Anthony-CurloJune 11, 2015 by DaVinciTek

DaVinciTek’s own Anthony Curlo is featured as an industry expert in a recent NJ.com article on the increasing importance of social media for both job-seekers and hiring companies. As Curlo notes, today one in three …

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The Art of Recruiting

Joseph-picJune 4, 2015 by Joe Amador

Recruiting can be viewed as a form of professional expression.  Just like art, we all look at recruiting, or how we recruit as a personal inspiration, expression, and/or using a variance of techniques. What …

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