National Basketball Association

DaVinciTek was given the opportunity to assist the NBA with a search for a leader in Web Technology. A large-scale website project necessitated a proven leader who would evaluate complex business requirements while satisfying client requests. An active and vigorous search identified a highly qualified IT executive who is enhancing the NBA website and the global NBA brand.

  • Continual development of the NBA international web experience
  • Now reaching fans in 215 countries and translation into 47 different languages
  • Launch of new NBA Stats website –

Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield employs the most talented professionals and invests in superior resources and technologies to provide their clients with innovative advice and bottom-line results. Cushman & Wakefield came to DaVinciTek for assistance in its enterprise Cloud CRM initiative.

  • A SWAT team of DaVinciTek recruiters was deployed to identify the most skilled IT and business professionals
  • Those identified needed to demonstrate related experience in high user adoption rates and client satisfaction
  • DaVinciTek’s staff augmentation practice helps Cushman & Wakefield automate a variety of processes and time to market
  • Cushman & Wakefield can stay focused on global innovation and further distinguish themselves from all other real estate service firms

Delta Dental of New Jersey

Since 1969, Delta Dental has led the industry in offering innovative programs designed to ensure quality of benefits. As a not-for-profit service corporation, Delta Dental is touted as a premier dental health provider focused on controlling costs for its members. Delta Dental’s exponential growth in data required an innovative way for the various business functions to collaborate with data stewards to ensure data integrity, consistency, security and privacy.

  • Team hired to design, develop, refine and maintain the various Enterprise Data Warehouse activities across the client’s enterprise
  • Enabled the technology leadership team to improve standardized data management operations and data quality control methods
  • Data sourcing ETL projects are running concurrently, leveraging skills and containing costs
  • Delta Dental better positioned to develop a Data Governance Program in accordance with client data policies and objectives

CVS Caremark

CVS Caremark, a Fortune 500 company with revenue of more than $37 billion, hired DaVinciTek to search for a team of Oracle Identity technologists. CVS relies on gaining deep knowledge of the consumer in its industry-leading clinical expertise, health management programs and specialty pharmacies. Oracle Identity Management is a complete and integrated, next-generation identity management platform enabling innovative organizations like CVS to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

  • CVS decided to partner with DaVinciTek after an elusive 4+ month internal search
  • DaVinciTek produced the winning candidate in 10 business days
  • The incumbent will decrease time to market by ensuring comprehensive rapid compliance with regulatory mandates and sensitive data applications
  • Project success will be measured through the more than five million people CVS serves every day, seven days a week
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