Joseph-picSeptember 8, 2015 by Joseph Amador

We all have seen the “5 Characteristics of Great Leaders” posted all over the social networking sites, but what is seldom missing in the literature is a review that provides a deep dive into what each of the 5 mean.
•         Love Your Team
•         Give Praise
•         Seldom Use Your Power
•         Surround Yourself With Rock Stars
•         Cast Your Vision
This month, I will be talking about “Give Praise.”  How do we speak highly of the team or of an individual during the good moments and as well as when we are underperforming?  Are you at the stage of getting choked up, voice changing or holding back tears when you speak?  These are the questions we will review and discuss how we can get to that point in a work environment.  The “Give Praise” is a completely missed concept of a great Leader.  Most Leaders concentrate on the direct focus of giving praise to an individual or to the team.  Certainly, that is an aspect, but you have to take a different angle.  The “praise” should be directed to those that are not part of the core team, people that are inquiring on how the team is preforming (top down).  Never ever give blame or excuses for the team, but hold them in the highest esteem.  Speak in terms of positive direction, even when the team is underperforming.
The hardest part of being a Leader, is being the ultimate buffer and champion of their efforts.  Continue to give praise, even when not solicited by the organization.  If you are proactive with praise, you build a bigger picture that lends to no negative perception.  Your team will soon understand your motives and the eventual “Praise” they will receive from other outside the team, will indicate that you are the driving force or their voice to the organization.

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