Joseph-picNovember 4, 2015 by Joseph Amador

You’ve likely seen the “5 Characteristics of Great Leaders” posted on social networking sites, but what is rare to find is a review that provides a deep dive into what each of the five mean.

•         Love Your Team
•         Give Praise
•         Seldom Use Your Power
•         Surround Yourself With Rock Stars
•         Cast Your Vision

Over the past few months, I have been breaking down each of the 5 points and shedding my personal light on each. This is installment 3. Everyone has their own belief system on these concepts, but if what I express assists anyone in defining their own thoughts, then I have helped define “Leadership.” This month, I will be talking about “Surround Yourself with Rock Stars.”

There is no better feeling as a Leader than knowing the team you have assembled processes a high level of “MED” (Motivation, Education and Dedication).  MED is the building blocks of “Rock Stars”.  As a Leader, you can be a cheerleader as much as possible, but if members of the team need constant external motivation, that can be extremely exhausting.  If you have a team of unmotivated individuals, you will spend a majority of your time pushing and pulling, instead of talking strategy.

“Rock Stars” are solution oriented and thrive off presenting forward thinking resolutions without the need for interjection.  “Rock Stars” are educated!  What I mean by Education, is the willingness to learn and grow every day.  Individuals that strive to self develop, absolutely help themselves perform at a high level and the team as a whole.

The last and most important ingredient to a “Rock Star” is dedication.  Individuals that are willing to fight through the peaks and valleys, overcome obstacle and remain focused on end goals, will absolutely inspire the team to achieve over long periods of time. Great Leaders, need and want “Rock Stars”, makes their job easier and more focused.

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