Joseph-picOctober 13, 2015 by Joseph Amador

We all have seen the “5 Characteristics of Great Leaders” posted all over the social networking sites, but what is seldom included in the literature is a review that provides a deep dive into what each of the 5 mean.

  • Love Your Team
  • Give Praise
  • Seldom Use Your Power
  • Surround Yourself With Rock Stars
  • Cast Your Vision

Over the next few months, I will be breaking down each of the 5 points and shedding my personal light on each.  Everyone has their own belief system on these concepts, but if what I express assists anyone in defining their own thoughts, then I have helped define “Leadership.”

This month, I will be talking about “Seldom Use Your Power.”  Empowering your team or “have a voice” when making decisions or coming up with processes, helps the team feel a part of the organization. You need and want members of the team to express their ideas in conjunction with the structure you lay out.

Communication amongst the team enables individuals to make the right choice or take the right step without the need of intervention.  When you love your team and give them praise, you can use examples of success in times of failure to promote power and repeat a situation in a positive direction.  Teams need structure with an individual leadership voice to head in a common direction, but by seldom using your power allows individuals to grow at a faster clip.  Leaders in my past experiences are defined in two directions “follow or NOT follow”.

Those that empowered me to make decisions for myself, helped me defined the line in the sand between right and wrong.  I trusted them to help me understand the line and how to get back over without them using their power to bring me back.  By earning the respect of your team over time and showing them that you don’t need to use power to get results, helps to solidify the team and your personal “Leadership”.

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